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51st International Conference on Nursing & Primary Healthcare, will be organized around the theme “Emphasizing Current Challenges & Research in Nursing and Primary Healthcare”

Nursing & Primary Healthcare 2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Nursing & Primary Healthcare 2020

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Pharmacology for nurses is one of the most important elements in nursing education. It is the field is science that is related to management of drugs as per the disease profile of the patient.

The pharmaceutical industry is directly impacted by the research conducted with prescription drugs, vaccines, and OTC drugs being manufactured based on findings from the study of life sciences. Clinical trials are conducted to ensure that products being developed are tested on how well they work on individuals affected by the diseases or conditions they are created to treat.

Nursing Educators work to shape the up and coming age of Nurses. They can train Students studying for an ASN, BSN, and more, or get certified in proceeding with education and supplemental classes. As a Nursing Educator, you can likewise direct explore, compose award recommendations and help keep up clinical benchmarks in the Nursing profession.


  • Track 2-1Education and Training
  • Track 2-2Nursing Research
  • Track 2-3Information Science to enhance the quality of Nursing Practice
  • Track 2-4Faculty Development
  • Track 2-5Graduate Nursing Education Reform
  • Track 2-6Innovations in Nursing Education
  • Track 2-7Disaster Nursing
  • Track 2-8Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning
Nursing Practitioners are Registered Nurses who fill in as essential and strength health care providers under a doctor. They can represent considerable authority in Family Practice, Paediatrics, Women's Wellbeing, Emotional Well-being and more. Most Nurse Practitioners work along with specialists in an emergency clinic or outpatient facility, yet some run their own private practices.
  • Track 3-1Nursing Practice
  • Track 3-2Symptom Management
  • Track 3-3Transitional Care
  • Track 3-4Nursing Practice model reform
  • Track 3-5Innovations in Patient Care

Nursing Informatics (NI) is the Virtue that joins Nursing science with different data association and indicative sciences to order, outline, keep up, and dissipate information, knowledge, care, and premonition in nursing practice.

Nursing Informatics, direct medical guardians, customers, patients, medical services association, and other partner in their basic authority in all execution and atmosphere to get pointed summery. This support is skilful using insight, knowledge improvement, and insight mechanism.

  • Track 4-1Advanced Innovations in Nursing Practice
  • Track 4-2Innovations in Patient Care
  • Track 4-3License Practice Nursing
  • Track 4-4Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Track 4-5Registered Nursing

Clinical Nurses are experts and give a advanced level of care in hospitals and other clinical locations. They try to improve healthcare through proof based practice at the individual patient level and system levels.

  • Track 5-1Clinical Nurse Specialities
  • Track 5-2Skills and Techniques in Clinical Nursing
  • Track 5-3Practices in Clinical Nursing
  • Track 5-4Clinical Nursing Education
  • Track 5-5Clinical Nursing Research
  • Track 5-6Implementing Nursing Care
  • Track 5-7Directing Patient Care and Access to Care

The Midwife is recognized as a mindful and responsible expert who works in partnership with pregnant women's to give the vital help, care and counsel during pregnancy, work and the postpartum period, conduct births on her own responsibility and to care the newly born babies. Midwifery duties involve conveying and preparing the woman and her family for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenthood that includes certain characteristics of women’s health, family planning and infant well-being. A midwife may duties in any setting including the in-home, society, hospitals, clinics or health units.

  • Track 6-1Basic Midwifery Education
  • Track 6-2Basic & Advance Midwife Practices
  • Track 6-3Care & Guidance during Gestation Period
  • Track 6-4Labour and the Postpartum Period
  • Track 6-5Innovations & Research in the detection and Complication in Mother and Child
  • Track 6-6Infant well-being
  • Track 6-7Maternal Childbirth care
  • Track 6-8Midwifery Care of the newborn
  • Track 6-9Nonsurgical Gynaecological care

Cardiovascular Care Nurses treat patients suffering from heart disease. As per the Centre for Disease Control, heart disease is the main source of death in US. 1.5 million Heart attack happen every year, and almost 80 million Americans experience the ill effects of heart conditions, and the quantity of cardiovascular patients keeps on rising. As a Cardiac Nurse, you can help a wide assortment of patients, from kids to the older, in operation theatre or ambulatory settings.

  • Track 7-1Cardiac Arrest and Heart Failure
  • Track 7-2Cerebrovascular Heart Disease
  • Track 7-3Inflammatory Heart Disease
  • Track 7-4Coronary Artery Disease and its Management
  • Track 7-5Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Track 7-6Innovations & Research in Heart Transplantation

Cancer Nursing care are given to Cancer patients and those in danger for getting the ailment. They screen physical conditions, prescribe medicine, and regulate chemotherapy and other treatments. Oncology is one of the most challenging and remunerating fields in nursing. Oncology Nurses practice in an variety of settings, including emergency clinics, outpatient centres, private practices, long-term care facilities and more. The extent of Oncology nursing ranges from anticipation and early recognition, to treatment, (for example, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology).

  • Track 8-1Paediatric Oncology Nursing
  • Track 8-2Surgical Oncology Nursing
  • Track 8-3Chemotherapy Bio-therapy
  • Track 8-4Oncology - Diabetes in Control
  • Track 8-5Cancer Nursing Partnership
  • Track 8-6Innovations & Research in Cancer & Oncology Nursing

An Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP) centres around the preliminary care of adults (above the age of 12). The principle jobs of ANPs focuses around preventive care including wellbeing advancement and illness counteractive and the management of patients with intense and constant medical problems. Adult Nursing professionals give medical care to patients from high schooler teen through the old.

  • Track 9-1Anxiety and sleep disorders
  • Track 9-2Care of the patient with a Reproductive disorder
  • Track 9-3Care of the patient with HIV/AIDS
  • Track 9-4Care of the patient with a Neurologic disorder
  • Track 9-5Addiction Nursing
  • Track 9-6Innovations & Research in Adult Care

Paediatrics Nurse Practitioners work with patients from early stages to young adulthood, diagnosing disease, conducting tests, and recommending drug. These Nurses generally work close with Paediatricians in a hospital or outpatient facility, yet some run their very own private practices.

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses care for premature and critically sick babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). These babies are conceived requiring prompt medicinal consideration, So Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses connects them to technology that causes them to breath and enables them to be fed intravenously, so they can put on weight.

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, work under the heading of a doctor, caring about the infant, and instructing their mother about their child's condition, breastfeeding, and addressing their inquiries.

  • Track 10-1Neonatal intensive care unit
  • Track 10-2Premature and sick newborns
  • Track 10-3General Paediatrics
  • Track 10-4Paediatric allergy and Respiratory Disorders
  • Track 10-5Paediatric Immunology and Infectious Diseases
  • Track 10-6Paediatric Mental Health
  • Track 10-7Innovations & Research in Paediatric Emergencies and Trauma Treatment
  • Track 10-8Paediatric Cardiology and Research

In this field of nursing which concentrate on the most extreme consideration of the fundamentally sick or precarious patients. Disease anticipation and nursing consideration are the control worried about forestalling nosocomial or human services related contamination, a useful (as opposed to scholastic) sub-order of the study of disease transmission.

Newly conceived babies who need serious therapeutic consideration are regularly conceded into an extraordinary zone of the healing facility called the Neonatal Concentrated care and Nursing care.

  • Track 11-1Assessment of symptoms
  • Track 11-2Dealing with distress
  • Track 11-3Dealing with distress
  • Track 11-4Life-threatening conditions
  • Track 11-5Occupational Therapists
  • Track 11-6Congestive Heart Failure
  • Track 11-7Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Track 11-8Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Neuroscience nurse or emotional wellness nursing is the delegated position of a nursing that has represented considerable authority in psychological well-being and looks after individuals of any age with maladjustment or mental misery, for example, schizophrenia, bipolar confusion, psychosis, sorrow, dementia and some more. Current research strives to understand molecular and cellular processes of the nervous system.

Prevention and effective treatment of neurological disorders like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases has been a major medical challenge Nurses around the globe get particular preparing in mental treatments, assembling a remedial cooperation, managing testing conduct, and the organization of psychiatric prescription. A Psychiatric medical nurse will need to have accomplished a four-year college education in nursing to wind up a Registered Nurse (RN) and have practical experience in psychological well-being. The degrees change in various nations.

  • Track 12-1Neural Inflammation in Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Track 12-2Innovations & Research in Neuroscience Nursing
  • Track 12-3Brain Patterning
  • Track 12-4Neurophysiology
  • Track 12-5Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Track 12-6Brain mapping

Dental nurses play an important role in the modern dental practice. They assist the dentist during dental procedures. Their duties include preparing the surgery, setting out dental instruments, assisting during operations, dealing with patients and looking after cleanliness of the surgery.

Oral or Dental disease is a sort of head and neck malignancy is any carcinogenic tissue amplification situated in the oral pit. It may emerge as an essential injury starting in any of the tissues in the mouth, by metastasis from a removed site of inchoation, or by augmentation from a neighbouring anatomic structure, for example the nasal allergy.

On the other hand, the oral tumours may begin in any of the tissues of the mouth, and may be of differed histologic sorts: Teratoma, adenocarcinoma got from a noteworthy or minor salivary organ, lymphoma from tonsillar or other lymphatic tissue, or melanoma from the colour inciting cells of the oral mucosa.

Corrective dentistry is by and large used to allude to any dental work that improves the appearance (however not irreplaceably the capacity) of a man's teeth, gums and/or nibble. Numerous dental practitioners allude to themselves as "Restorative Dental Specialists" paying little respect to their solid illumination, forte, preparing, and involvement in this field. Anomalies and bacterial infections are in the distinctive feeling of something going amiss from every day or varying from the normal, is a subjectively characterized behavioural trademark, allocated to those with recherché or useless conditions.

Comportment is viewed as unpredictable when it is atypical, out of the commonplace, causes a disability, or comprises of undesirable deportment. This section in several Nursing Conferences and Nursing Meetings addresses basic and current concepts of oral health, Cosmetic dentistry, Paediatric dentistry, new research and innovations in dental science.

  • Track 13-1Oral problems
  • Track 13-2Paediatric Dentistry
  • Track 13-3Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Track 13-4Future Trends in Dentistry
  • Track 13-5Basic and current concepts of oral health
  • Track 13-6Abnormalities and Diseases
  • Track 13-7New Research and Innovations in Dental Science
  • Track 13-8Mouth cancer
  • Track 13-9Forensic Dentistry or Odontology

Acute care is a branch of secondary healthcare where a patient receives active but short-term treatment for a severe injury or episode of illness, an urgent medical condition, or during recovery from surgery.

Surgery is a clinical area of expertise that uses operative manual and instrumental strategies on a patient to investigate or deal with a pathological circumstance along with a sickness or damage, to help enhance physical characteristic or appearance or to repair unwanted ruptured regions.

Surgical innovations mainly focus on new surgical techniques, instruments and also new technologies. Clinical Practice Research and Surgical education are also involved in surgical innovations.

  • Track 14-1Acute asthmatic attack
  • Track 14-2Respiratory emergency
  • Track 14-3Neurological emergency
  • Track 14-4Trauma

Mental Health Nursing is the strength of nursing that cares about individuals with state of mental misery, similar to psychosis, manic depressive sickness and depression. There is a scope of approaches to agitate how mental health issues got the chance to be examined, what causes them and which medications are ideal.

  • Track 15-1Assessment and evaluation of mental health
  • Track 15-2Primary mental health care and nursing
  • Track 15-3Electroconvulsive therapy and effects
  • Track 15-4Stress and emotional treatment studies and outcomes

Gynaeocology Nurses examine Women's Health and public policies, making a more healthy society. Nurses with skills in this developing job role can be pioneers in advocacy, research, investigation, strategy advancement, execution and assessment, and it is also known as gynaeocological nursing . As a  Gynocological nurse, you can work in health services research firms, legislative workplaces, for medical services supplier, or hold elective office.

  • Track 16-1Innovations & Research in Women’s Reproductive Health Care
  • Track 16-2Nursing care during childbirth
  • Track 16-3Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Women and its Management
  • Track 16-4Cardiac Diseases and Disorders in Women
  • Track 16-5Nursing Care during Child Birth and Preterm Birth Prevention
  • Track 16-6Endometriosis and its Management during Pregnancy
  • Track 16-7Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Malignancies

Gerontology nursing is the solid purpose of nursing relating to more settled grown-ups. Gerontological remedial supervisors fill in as a gathering with more settled grown-ups, their families, and social events to help solid growing, most exceptional working, and individual satisfaction. The term Gerontological Nursing, which supplanted the term Geriatric nursing in the 1970s, is viewed as being all the more obvious with the recognizing quality more wide spotlight on flourishing and prosperity, regardless of suffering. Gerontological nursing is essential to meet the success needs of a creating mass. Because of longer future and declining riches rates, the level of the majority that is viewed as old is developing settings.

  • Track 17-1Medication and Nutrition in Elderly
  • Track 17-2Oral Health in Elderly
  • Track 17-3Depression and Dementia
  • Track 17-4Gerontology

They can work in clinic emergency rooms, ambulances, helicopters, urgent care centre, sports fields, and more. Basic Care Nurses ensure all critically sick patients get ideal care for their diseases and wounds. To do that, they utilize their specialized abilities as well as their detailed knowledge of the human body and the most recent innovation in the field. Most Critical Care Nurses work in hospitals, yet they can work out of nursing homes, outpatient facilities and flight units, as well.

  • Track 18-1Emergency trends in technology, teaching, and clinical practice
  • Track 18-2Managing ethical dilemmas
  • Track 18-3Care of patient and family in Emergency situation
  • Track 18-4New innovative ideas and research in Emergency Nursing

Surgical Nursing is originally considered as an initial level position where Nurses could gain up understanding before going into a claim a speciality, Medical-Surgical Nursing requires such huge numbers of abilities and skills, it is presently viewed as a forte all by itself. Medical-Surgical Nurses provide direct care to adult patients in an assortment of settings and are the biggest gathering of Nurses, representing almost 1/6 of the Nursing profession.

  • Track 19-1Plastic Surgery
  • Track 19-2Preoperative Surgery Nursing Evaluation
  • Track 19-3Nursing and Anaesthesia Practice
  • Track 19-4Medical-surgical nursing
  • Track 19-5Innovations & Research in Neurosurgery
  • Track 19-6Advancements in Surgery
  • Track 19-7Obstetrics and Gynaecology Surgery
  • Track 19-8Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Track 19-9Oral Surgery
  • Track 19-10Nursing and Anaesthesia Practice

Family Nurse Practitioners specifically are prepared to work with the both young-ones and adults, frequently with regards to a family practice or clinical setting. FNPs work with patients on keeping up wellbeing and health over the long term with a specifically focused on preventive care.

Nurses who have several years of experience in core Nursing gives Anaesthesia and anaesthesia-related supervision to patients prior, during, and after operation. Nurse Anaesthetists should be ready for a wide assortment of circumstances, It's likewise why Nurse Anaesthetists are among the most demanded skill, and highly paid as compared to other Nursing Profession.

Tele Medicine and E-Health are valuable to patients in confined societies and remote localities. Nurses involved in telenursing and e-medicine practice, assess, plan, and evaluate the results of nursing care, but they do it all with the help of latest technologies such as the internet, computers, mobile phones, digital assessment tools, and tele monitoring equipment. Ongoing advancements in mobile joint collaboration will empower human Health experts in various areas to share information and discuss about patient issues as though they are at a similar spot.

A Public Health Nurse works within the community to improve the general health of the region. Their most basic work environments incorporate country or state branches of health or public health offices, correctional offices, word related health offices, organizations, and schools. They set up together designs that mitigate or wipe out health or security issues in a network, issues like immunizations, STDs, and obesity. They also help societies get ready for natural disasters and aid disaster relief efforts.

Legal Nursing is the implicative hints of Nursing practice are connected to licensure, state and government laws, degree of training and an open prospect that specialists sharpen at a high expert standard. The medicinal specialist's illumination, extent and Nursing standard give the system by which orderlies are depended upon to practice. Moral issues in Legal Nursing are in a fundamentally 6 moral rules sense, that emerge often for the attendant who meets expectations in the remedial setting.

  • Track 24-1Concession for persons (self-rule and self-determination)
  • Track 24-2Beneficence (doing great)
  • Track 24-3No maleficence (dodging mischief)
  • Track 24-4Value (reasonableness, even handedness, veracity)
  • Track 24-5Veracity (coming clean)

Nursing Entrepreneurship is booming in the 21st century, and a significant number of them are now realizing that they can start small, medium, and large business ventures any point in their career. Nursing Entrepreneurs can utilize their nursing education and financing.

  • Track 25-1Independent Nurse Contracting
  • Track 25-2Mental Health Practice
  • Track 25-3Adult Day Care Facility
  • Track 25-4Diabetes Education Services
  • Track 25-5Wellness Coach
  • Track 25-6Cancer Treatment Guide